Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yes a love-hate relationship with my work. This time on why I love it: because I learn from what I hate about it.

Not everything can be covered in law. There are times when you have to make judgments outside the written code. And that is what defines culture. It is how people decide and act when there are no guidelines that chastise or reward the action and decision. That makes culture the people's common sense.

There will always be loopholes—things missed out in the system. At work, these are often used as excuses to remain inactive, mediocre. In an ideal culture, one works as if there is incentive, even when there is none—because doing so has become second nature to him and because that is how his peers behave.

But I wonder, too, how much of culture-building is dependent on the integrity of the system and enforcement of rules?

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