Sunday, January 18, 2004

We Are Scared Of Each Other As Much As We Admire Each Other

I travelled all the way from Alabang to Makati to attend my friend's birthday dinner party. Sometimes the plan is so far from the story.

The club's preparing for its biggest event and tournament this coming February and so I've been working long hours for the past week. I finished around quarter to seven and so I decided to just take a cab, but then I've always been afraid of riding a taxi especially at night. But then it was too late when I realized I only have 30 Pesos in my wallet and the rest of my money are in a thousand bills. And so I just thought to take a cab all the way. Sometimes the plan is so far from what eventually happens. I took the Roxas road via an FX and went off at Buendia.

There did I wait for a cab. In front of Funline. I scouted an incoming taxi that dropped what seemed to be entertainers dressed in drag. I quickly went to the vehicle.

"Makati, Greenbelt."
"Boss, may barya kayo sa isanlibo?"
"Naku, buti na lang ma'am sinabi ninyo. Daan na lang tayong gasoline station."

It was the start of a 20-minute conversation in a 20-minute travel.

"San ba tayo sa Greenbelt?"
"Basta, ibaba nyo lang ako sa may area na yon, ako na bahala."
"Di ko kasi kabisado yan ma'am e. Basta pag di ko kayo nahatid balik ko na lang kayo sa Buendia, wala nang bayad."
"Kayo naman, lahat naman alam yang Greenbelt e, basta ibaba nyo lang ako malapit dun sa Landmark-Glorietta--magkakadikit lang naman yang mga yan e."

He was driving slower than most drivers do.

"Wala naman talaga akong balak bumiyahe ngayon, talagang hinahatid-sundo ko lang yung mga suki ko, kagaya kanina. At saka takot din akong bumiyahe lalo na kung lalake ang pasahero. Nung isang araw lang, may sumakay, mga lasing yata. Dyosko, ang takot ko, kako baka mamaya'y tutukan na lang ako ng baril. Buti naman walang nangyari at nagbayad naman."

It was almost 9 o'clock. I haven't eaten anything yet after lunch and I've been so tired and there is still work the next day.

"Buti na lang talaga sinabi ninyo, kasi kung minsan yung iba tsaka lang magsasabi pag pababa na. Tapos magagalit sayo, sasabihin 'driver ka, bakit wala kang barya?!'--ba, di ka naman banko, ano... Sana lahat ng pasahero kagaya ninyo."

I hope most drivers are like him.

"O ma'am, Greenbelt--yan, nahatid ko kayo ha, magbabayad kayo. Yan ang kasunduan."

Tuesday, January 6, 2004


I am one of those people christened with an unordinary name (it's not that unique, since there are several people I share the exact name with.)

Whenever people call me, or read my name, I always find myself correcting their mispronunciation, or misspelling.

Here is the exemption:
One of my office mates pronounce my name as Rossell, and before I can react, I already find myself caught in the net of her sincerity and sweet, enthusiastic smile. Her calling and recognition has the warmth of pure attention. I feel, then know it is me she is naming. That is enough.